HERsHE: The Relaunch of the Ultimate and Most Intimate Undergarment

A woman of this millennium knows that she has more roles to take on than the archetypal matriarch of the past century. She has transcended the boundaries she was told not to tread. Her movement is quick in both mind and body. The clothes that once defined her, have yet to be reinvented to suit her new lifestyle. HERsHE was keen enough to recognise that that shift has occurred and has profoundly affected a woman’s identity. HERsHE knows that the woman of today must adapt, and must acknowledge that as a yang energy exists within a yin energy, so does the “he” exist within a “she,” so to speak.

The HERsHE Xtreme Sports Binder is the first breast supporter undergarment in the Philippines meant to provide the right kind of protection and comfort women need. Whether it’s running or walking, kickboxing or weight training, the Xtreme Sports Binder matches up with every woman’s activity. Instead of restricting circulation, this soft, breathable cotton spandex undergarment evenly distributes the chest in a midriff razorback design, which comes in two basic shades — black and white. Understanding that the woman of today is beautifully molded in different body types, the Xtreme Sports Binder keeps it real by offering a good range of sizes from extra small to a triple size large. Regardless of size, the undergarment is priced at Php 798 only. It is also locally designed and produced in the Philippines. Owner Jox Aniceto states that the Xtreme Sports Binder was a patented design and has lifted off the burden of many women’s chests since.

After 12 years since HERsHE was established, the company is joining the Metro Manila Pride Proud Street Fair that takes place on June 25, 2016. The said annual street fair is highly-anticipated and known to unite one of the largest, if not the largest gathering of the LGBT community. HERsHE shows it’s gratitude by being able to finally be a part of street fair as majority of its clientele come from the LGBT who trust the Xtreme Sports Binder as their everyday favored undergarment.

With that said, fashion designer Kaye Morales also a member of the LGBT community, has teamed up with HERsHE for a special collaboration campaign to be unveiled at the exclusive relaunch party of HERsHE on July 9, 2016 at Club Haze located at the BGC Fort Strip. As a brand ambassador of HERsHE, Kaye Morales has proven to be not only an icon in the fashion industry but an icon for fitness. How can one’s creativity flourish, if the body is stagnant? Kaye certainly embodies the perfect work-life balance bolstered of course by her ever reliable Xtreme Sports Binder.

Other celebrated HERsHE brand ambassadors include a mix of athletes, photographers, fitness gurus, entrepreneurs, professionals and musicians such as Aiza Seguerra, Liza Diño, Pow Chavez, Rita Martinez, Dwan Abantao, Pycoh Salva, Peach Lopez, Ena Terol, Anna Rapes, and Gray Cruz.

Freedom is a choice not many people choose. The HERsHE Xtreme Sports Binder takes away your hindrances. When you have no hindrances, you have no choice but to be free.