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A Celebration of Life, Love, and Freedom

By Hannah Tan
Fashion Writer

The HERsHE xtreme sports binder has been the original breast support undergarment in the Philippines for over 12 years. With unfaltering support from the local LGBT community, HERsHE has recognized the paradigm shift in the modern Filipino’s lifestyle and gives them the option to live free; free from the hassle of underwire and from traditional pre-tenses.  After the brand’s highly successful participation in the Metro Manila Pride-Proud Street Fair, HERsHE, in collaboration with Kaye Morales, is ready to RELOAD with a whole new batch of brand ambassadors.

On the ninth of July, Club Haze was transformed into a spectacular showcase for HERsHE’s relaunch. Over 650 members of Manila’s LGBT community, of all ages and backgrounds, were in attendance; including HERsHE’s newest brand ambassadors, Aiza Diño Seguerra and Liza Diño Seguerra, Pow Chavez, Rita Martinez, Dawn Abantao, Pycoh Salva, Peach Lopez, Ena Terol, Anna Rapes, Gray Cruz, and Kaye Morales who the brand collaborated with to launch this special event.  Each one of the brand ambassadors represented an aspect of the HERsHE lifestyle, being prominent figures in the music, design, photography, fashion, and sports industries.

The party started at 9pm with a heart-thumping performance from the TFX Dance Group, and continued with a heartfelt rendition of Titanium from Pow Chavez, followed by some sick beats from DJ Anna. Finally, it was time to reveal the brand’s official commercial. The video is set in a dimly lit studio. Vignettes of the different ambassadors come in and out to the  dynamic soundtrack playing in the background. Gray Cruz playfully does some tricks on her skateboard, while Kaye Morales looks sultrily into the camera. Aiza and Liza Diño Seguerra affectionately laugh in each others arms, while Dwan Abantao easily lifts a bicycle. The video represents the true spirit of HERsHE, exhibiting the ease in which the ambassadors express their raw physicality. The video was raw yet distinctly powerful, and without speaking any words, effectively demonstrates how HERsHE has completely changed the game.

Finally, the night ended with an unforgettable performance from Kat DJ with Marga on vocals taking the evening to another level of sheer fun and entertainment; a fitting conclusion to a night filled with celebration. A celebration of life, love, and freedom.